Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Talented people must face contention in order to appreciate success.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Questions From Parents to Athletes

"Three things you should ask your son/daughter after a game: 1. Are you hurt? 2. Did you have fun? 3. What do you want to eat?"
 Doug Weber

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Best Drill

In basketball there is a myth that you can't make a player competitive, but I beg to differ. If you make every drill in practice competitive and show the drills necessity it will take. I truly believe competitive spirit is learned by and not born to people.

The best basketball drill for system basketball is five-on-five-on-five. It drills offensive and defensive rebounding, it drills trapping, it drills passing skills, and most importantly it teaches players how to compete.

In the perfect world here is how it works ;(You may have to change it for your situation) You take three coaches and pick teams. When I choose, I always take the most competitive players. Not the best shooters, if you are lucky they might be, but that is not what is important. You want people that are going to go to the board with no hesitation,. You want people that are physical and will dive on the floor for every loose ball. You want people that will run through a wall rather then loose.

The scoring goes like this (Each coach keeps score for their team)
2 points for a steal
2 points for an offensive rebound
2 points for a three pointer made
1 point for a defensive rebound
1 point for a shot attempt
1 point for a two point shot made

My rules are the following (you can change them to fit your situation)

You give the ball to one team going to the other basket out of bounds. The second team guards them up to the time line. The third team picks them up there. Game is on, if a basket is made the team that scores takes it out of bounds and goes the other way. If a team steals it they attack the opposing basket.

We go two eight minute quarters. No foul shots, jump balls go to the defense. Make sure everybody know the score.

Make sure all coaches are involved and vociferous so the players know how important competing is.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

News From The Bee

Here is a great article from the Sacramento Bee about the the Sacramento State Hornets women's basketball team. Click here to read about the fast and furious start the Hornets are off to.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Free Throws

The final score yesterday at Simpson was Grinnell 156 Simpson 150. 306 total points, incredible, but perhaps the big number was 118 total free throws shot. Scores around the nation are up because refs have been calling hand checks.

From North Carolina to UCLA, Grinnell to Simpson, coaches are telling their players to turn the corner and go to the basket. The game has become fun to watch again.
Click here  to see the Grinnell vs. Simpson box score.

At Sacramento State yesterday the Division I Hornets women team set a NCAA DI record for three point attempts. They shot 55 making 21 of them.

Yes, "The System" is working in DI basketball as Sacramento State moved to 7-1. Click here to read more. Look at the pictures included in the article, what fun they are having in California.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Mike Curta in the boys' basketball coach at Eisenhower High School in Oak Lawn, Illinois. He uses the system there. To make his life even more enjoyable he has a son that is a freshman at Grinnell College and plays for coach Arseneault there. In a recent email that I received from him, he talked about Grinnell basketball and what basketball in any system should be. 


Here is a portion of that email; 


"I also can't say enough how great it has been to watch Grinnell this season with more of an "insider view" having my son Nick on the team as a freshman. Over the past three-plus seasons of running this at Eisenhower, trying to get better, using the numbers and data, clinics, etc. I really think that the buy-in and type of kids you have is what puts your team over the top. There are great kids on the team at Grinnell who really enjoy playing the game and being around their teammates and coaches. Watching the bench during their games that I attend and then watching the kids interact after the game gives me a lift every time. They have fun, care about each other, look out for the needs of each other and the coaches, greet all of the families and friends at the game, and it is obvious that it is as much a family as it is a basketball program. My son absolutely loves everything about the school, program, and coaches which makes life for us as parents about as good as it can get. The upperclassmen on the team have taken him under their wing and made him feel like much more than a freshman. It is such a good situation that the kids on the team have made my high school junior son Vinny feel like he is a part of the family every time we visit. My goal at Eisenhower is to try and get some of that behavior, attitude, and camaraderie with our team and hopefully make up for some of the ideas that our kids have yet to grasp. "


Thanks Mike for letting me share this.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

You Do What To Who?

I was listening to Flogging Molly sing " If I Ever Leave This World Alive", and I started missing my friends in Ireland, and those that have traveled there with me.

At that point I had to post the song, click here to listen and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Photo from wallpoper.com