Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Round Table 10/30/15

Can Dr. Ben Carson get elected? What are the negatives and the positives?

The hidden minority (Asians) and how they are mistreated in our country.

What are the negatives and positives of Paul Ryan?

Alternative teaching route. Must you have a major in education to teach? What is happening in our country?

Of the candidates, who would be the best first spouse? Why?

What are the biggest issues facing women in our country? Why?

What NFL coaches are on their way out? Why?

The latest on the child sex abuse scandal in Afghanistan.

Why is China building islands in the South China Sea? What should the U.S. response be?

Why should high school football playoffs in Iowa only include 32 teams?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Issues for October 23, 2015

Who should be CNN’s hero of the year? Why?

Did Rick Pitino, the University of Louisville head men’s basketball coach know about the scandal that went on there the last five years?

Why are prison phone bills so expensive and what should be done about it?

Iowa has five regular season games left, how many of them will they lose and why?

Be able to talk about Michigan punter Blake O’Neill and the chaos that has surrounded him this last week.

Will Johnny Manziel make it through his latest troubles?

What are some of the terms of Paul Ryan being the speaker of the house?

Why does George W. Bush dislike Ted Cruz?

Who are the four NFL teams that are undefeated, and which ones will make it to the Super Bowl?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Issues for October 9,2015

Who are the Nobel Prize winners for 2015 and what are their accomplishments?

What are the physical and financial cost of the Carolina floods?

What is the election fallout from the Oregon shootings, and how are the candidates reacting?

What is a war crime? Is the bombing of that Afghan hospital a war crime? Why of why not?

Know about the John Ashe bribery scandal at the United Nations. Is this the climate at the U.N.? Why or why not?

Do we need a drone court in our country? Give examples of crimes committed with drones.

Should online gambling be legal in Iowa? Why or why not?

Know what DraftKings and FanDuel are and be able to discuss the scandal that has rocked that business?

What are the top five movies with a solitary character in?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Issues of the Week 9/25/2015

What is the number one issue facing our country this week?

One child in the world is dying every four seconds, why is this tragedy not in the headlines?

Why was Governor Branstead in Washington state this week?

Should churches that do not help the poor have to pay Taxes?

What are issues that Obama and the Pope clashed on this week?

What are issues that China’s Xi and Obama will clash on?

Was Yogi Berra the greatest Baseball player of all time?

Daraprim what is the price and what is the issue?

Will Volks Wagon Survive the current scandal?

How will The Black Lives Matter Movement affect our country?

One in four women in college are abused, how does our country stop this?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Issues For 9/11

On the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist acts how goes the U.S. war on terror?

Who will win the Iowa vs. Iowa State and what is the over/under for that game?

Will Mike Huckabee get a political jump for the release of Kim Davis and why?

 What is the stop and frisk and should the policy be legal and be practiced?

Who was Tyler Sash and what happened to him? No the story behind the story.

How bad are Rick Perry’s financial problems and will he make it to the Iowa Causes?

Know the most recent facts about Hilary Clinton’s computer server scandal.

What would the perfect ticket be for the Republican Party in 2016? Include the President and Vice President and why.

What would the perfect ticket be for the Democratic Party in 2016? Include the President and Vice President and why.

What will the effects of all the Immigrants to Europe be ten years from now? Immigrant Facts from the Guardian

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Issues (2015 Football)

What team will win the super bowl in the NFL? Why?

Who will be the NFL MVP this year? Why?

What will be the fall out on Steve Sarkisians drunken rant at USC?

Who will the four teams in the college football Semi-Final games? Why?

Who will be the college football National Champions this year? Why?

Who will be this year’s Heisman Trophy winner? Why?

What will be the University of Iowa’s football record this year? What bowl will they play in if they do play in a bowl?

Who will win the UNI vs. Iowa State game this Saturday?

Will Paul Rhodes be the Cyclone head Coach at the start of the 2016 Season? Why?

What quarterback will be the starter for the Ohio State Buckeyes? Why?

 Football predictions?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Issues of the Week 8/28/15

Ten years later, after Hurricane Katrina, how has New Orleans changed?

What is the fallout of the Curt Schilling tweet about Islam?

How has/will the fall of the yuan (The Chinese currency) change the world?

Why are people attracted to Donald Trump as a Presidential Candidate? Can he win the Republican nomination? Can he win the General election?

How does the world stop ISIS?

North and South Korea what events caused the latest flare up?

Of all the candidates for President, who would be the best foreign policy President?

Who is the best pitcher in Major League Baseball? Why?

What is the cost of a barrel of Oil? Where will gas prices be by December 1st?

Was the later school start date economically worth it to Iowa?